Dog Help is a ONE SIZE FRONT OR REAR SUPPORT for dogs and cats. It has a padded and adjustable handle for a comfortable grip, a buckle to adapt the harness to the animal's limbs and comfortable padding so as not to irritate the skin. The product can be used to help your pet get in and out of the car, to support him in his "private moments" and to ensure that he can get up and down the stairs without any problems.


Comfortable, economical and practical, it is useful for elderly dogs and cats and for orthopaedic or neurological patients. If the dog or cat cannot get up, it will be necessary to use two Dog Helps joined together with the special clip: this will provide support for the whole body thanks to the comfortable padded and adjustable handle located on the central part of the back, which allows the animal to be supported in complete safety. It is recommended to always use the leash in association with Dog Help, as the latter only performs a support function. For a small animal it will be necessary to remove the padding or not use it.